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List With Us // Featured Monthly Listing


$62.95 per month*

What Do I Get?

  • The featured listing is limited to only 2 businesses per region, so this offer is only available if positions are open.
  • Your business will be advertised on our homepage as a featured listing – this is flash box and works on a rotation.
  • Your business listing is listed in up to two regions and up to two categories.

    Regions: Auckland & Christchurch
    Category: Bridal Accessories & Bridal Shoes

    If you wish to add additional regions &/or this is an extra $5 per category or region per month. Not valid for New Zealand wide listings. Can only be a region
  • A thumbnail brief which gives people a quick snapshot of your business to invite them to view your main profile page. Because you’re a featured listing, your Thumbnail Brief will be guaranteed to be in the top three in your category in your region. The top three is rotated dailly. There are limited spots available as there are only three spots per category in each region.
  • Your thumbnail brief, because it is a featured listing, is a different colour to the basic listing ads, making you stand out!
  • You have a profile page which enables you to give adequate information about who and what you do. It has a direct link to your website (which is good for your website’s personal Google rankings). But the most important thing is that it has an enquiry form where brides can contact you directly.

    Your profile page includes a number tabs/page options:
    (1) About & Testimonials
    (2) Photo Gallery With A Professional Slide Show Presentation
    (3) You Can Embed Either A YouTube or Vimeo Video
    (4) Location Map
  • Wedding House will be running different Google Advertising campaigns that will target brides and grooms in your local area and who are shopping for businesses like yours. Keywords and ads are at the discretion of Wedding House, but when you sign up we do ask you what keywords you believe your clients are looking for.
  • Wedding House will be running different advertisements via social media. This may include Tubemogal, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter plus any others that become available.
  • Your business is connected to the ‘Quick Quote’ form that is advertised on the homepage. When a bride enquires via this form, and is looking for your services in your region, you will receive the enquiry.

*Miniumum 3 month contract,
Not available for New Zealand wide listing,
Must be regions (eg. Sydney & Central Coast)
*Monthly subscription only.

Here is an example of how your business listing will look when someone searches or browses through categories:

Category View + Click to enlarge


Here is an example of how your business listing will look when someone clicks your business listing:

About Tab + Click to enlarge

Gallery Tab + Click to enlarge

Video Tab (optional) + Click to enlarge

Location Tab + Click to enlarge

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