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Tess Floral Studio is providing you with the caring calming effect of nature with her floral arrangements or designs. All of our designs are inspired by the dazzling underwater effects of a coral reef.
all of our work are aligned well with sustaining of our environment and that is one good reason for us not to use plastic flowers.
our point of difference will be our skilful way in creating new designs which will match the type of personality of our client. it will make our client confident and proud of their own and personalised design.
Just be prepared to be amazed and earn a new trend of design belong to you first.
Because we create of our own designs we don't look around other peoples work and try to copy and that is our guarantee if you choose to work with us.

we have been working from home in the past 3-4 years and now we got a shop in Plimmer Towers on Level 4 lobby area,.

Feel free to talk with us for further enquiries cause we got a lovely warm team to help you out and make your special day extra special.