Wedding Readings

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Heart-book1The readings at a wedding can be an important part of the ceremony, helping to emphasise the relationship of the happy couple, and also standing as a symbol of their future together. Choosing the right reading can be difficult, as they need to be very symbolic, as well as relevant to the marriage in question. Some couples choose romantic readings which reflect the general theme of marriage, while others choose comedy, religious readings, or something which has significance to them, rather than to the guests. Choosing the right reading can ensure that the marriage stands out in the minds of guests for many years, and so couples often look for tips to finding the perfect lines for their ceremony. Generally your Wedding Celebrant would be happy provide you with tips or where to look for ideas to get you started.

Couples sometimes have a particular reading in mind when they are arranging the wedding, and favourite paragraphs from books, from comedies or from films can be used in this way. For a themed wedding, a reading which matches the theme can be ideal -  the many Star Wars themed weddings which happen every year often have readings from the films, for example. More literary themes will also have readings from the books which inspired the ceremony, making it easy for the bride and groom to settle on a particular passage.

Religious couples are likely to turn to the Bible, or other religious texts, in order to find the words they need for their reading. However, there are also poems, passages from novels, and even readings from non-fiction books which are not directly related to the Bible. These can all have some religious meaning for couple concerned, or they may be traditionally read out at marriage services after the ceremony itself. In these cases, choosing paragraphs might be a matter of abiding by tradition, or using paragraphs from religious texts which are particularly relevant to marriage.

Even secular couples might have a piece of text which seems important to them, whether it has a religious theme or not. Some choose to have a text read out which relates to Aboriginal or Maori wedding ceremonies, while others choose passages which relate to family ‘roots’, or a background in Europe, Asia or Africa. In these circumstances, finding the right paragraph might involve asking parents and relatives, or doing research online to find the perfect text. In these readings, it might also be important to make sure that the couple are able to pronounce the text correctly, and that the guests will understand the meaning behind the paragraph.

Other couples might choose to take their readings from non-religious or non-traditional sources. In these cases, the most important thing to remember is that the text chosen needs to have relevance to the bride and groom, perhaps to how they met, or the journey they have been on before the wedding day. Couples often like The Passionate Shepherd, by Christopher Marlowe, beginning “Come live with me and be my love”. Others might choose poems by Anne Bradstreet, with several romantic pieces to choose from. These can all serve to commemorate the wedding with an appropriate and emotional reading.

Generally your Wedding Celebrant or your Wedding Planner or Co-ordinator would be be able to point you in the right direction.

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