Top 5 Wedding Flowers 2011

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Every flower has a meaning behind the variety or type and this can impact a brides choice when choosing her wedding flowers.

Some wedding flowers can have a meaning of purity, love, passion and happiness, so what we’ve done is compile a list of the top 5 wedding flowers for you to consider in your own bouquet:

1. Rose
A rose is the queen of flowers. They have been used by poets and writers of romance for centuries. A rose can reflect beauty, true love, emotion and passion -  no surprise to why roses are a year round choice for wedding flowers. Another reason for popular choice is that it come in many variates and colours.

2. Calla Lily
Elegant and a centrepiece to any bouquet. Coming in many colours, you can choose ones to match the colour theme of your wedding – just a few of those colours include white, yellow, orange, ivory, dark purple and many more. The Calla Lily has two varieties there is a long stem with a large head which can make a lovely statement in a bridal bouquet and there is also the smaller variety that is ideal for nosegays/posy (smaller) bouquets for your bridesmaids or flower girl. The meaning behind the Calla Lily is sensuality and love.

3. Tulip
One of my favourites – as I had white tulips in my bouquet when I was married. It comes in a variety of colours so like the Calla Lily you can choose your flowers to match your wedding colours. Tulips symbolizes a powerful human emotion, a declaration of love. A romantic at heart, tulips have a wonderfully unique look and be quite a statement if arranged by themselves in a bouquet.

4. Stephanotis
I must admit I had to Google this flower as it’s not a common one to roll off the tongue, but what a lovely flower that it is. It’s fragile white flowers symbolise marital happiness, making it a perfect and popular choice of wedding flowers.

5. Hydrangeas
Powerful in appearance yet glamouous in a bouquet. With it’s cluster of small flowers in the one flower head it don’t only fills out your bouquet but gives a lovely meaning of friendship, devotion, and understanding.

Now isn’t it nice to have a understanding of what the meaning of some popular wedding flowers are. Not only can you make a decision based on the look of the flowers but also the meanings behind each individual flower you choose from your preferred florist.

Top 5 Wedding Flowers Gallery
Flowers in order of list above.

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