Ways To Surprise Your Wife On Your Anniversary!

For some of you, just remembering your anniversary will be enough to surprise your wife, but it doesn’t take much effort to turn that little surprise into something much more memorable. Use Anniversary Lists For Ideas There are several versions of materials to celebrate each anniversary so have a look through several and find one […]

Parents Divorced? What To Do

If you are getting married and your, or your partner’s, parents are divorced, you may be wondering about the best way to deal with them both in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself. Obviously a lot of this will depend upon how well they do, or don’t, get on, but […]

Should You Say “I Do” To Wedding Insurance?

If you have spent months planning your wedding making sure that the venues, food, flowers, and the myriad of other details that go into the perfect wedding have been chosen, sorted and confirmed in triplicate it might seem like overkill to take out wedding insurance. With all of that planning what can possibly go wrong? […]

Add A Little Humour To Your Wedding Ceremony

Getting married can be a very serious business, but at the same time, couples should remember that it should be a happy and joyful celebration. It is easy to forget that weddings need to have a little bit of humour in order to keep the event light-hearted, and all too often brides find themselves becoming […]

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The plus-sized bride usually dreads going to a boutique, simply because she fears that they will not have a suitable size in stock, or that the dresses they do have will not look good. However, shops are now aware that brides are not just available in sizes 8-16, and so they have been willing to […]