Oops! Who Has The Wedding Rings?

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Wedding-Right-Hand-Ring-600x400Any wedding comedy is likely to have that moment where the bride and groom look at each other, and realise that they don’t have any rings. It is usually the best man’s fault, as he is traditionally regarded as the one who looks after the rings at the start of the wedding day, and hands them over promptly at the right moment. However, this is the traditional formula, and not too many brides and grooms follow these rules. Instead, there are now several options available to the happy couple in order to ensure that the wedding goes with a swing.


The Best Man

The Best Man, as noted above, is the traditional bearer, and they might be offended if the rings are given to anyone else. While it is the couple’s day, it is also important to try and keep everyone else happy, after all, they will be there long after the marriage ceremony is after. Most often, the best man will take both the bride and the groom’s rings on the day before the wedding. He has both because the bridesmaid will be holding her own bouquet, the bride’s bouquet, and sometimes other items too. The best man, on the other hand, will not be handed anything from the groom, and so therefore is free to pass over the rings.


The Ring Bearer

Some wedding ceremonies now choose to nominate someone specifically as the ring bearer. Often, this is a young boy, a relative of either the bride or the groom, who is given a special outfit, and told to carry the rings down the aisle after the bride. The rings will usually be placed on a cushion just before the bride appears, and the parent or grandparent of the ring bearer will be given the rings on the day before the ceremony. In some circumstances, the ring bearer is actually given ‘decoys’, empty ring boxes, while the best man has the rings themselves and passes them over in traditional fashion.


The Groom

A more modern alternative to this situation is for the bride and groom to have the rings themselves. Most often, in these circumstances, the groom will keep both rings (in their boxes) until the service starts. He will then pass the bride her ring (the one she will give to him) just before the ceremony itself. As most wedding dresses do not have pockets, this is the best way to manage the handling of the rings.

No matter who is going to pass the rings over during the ceremony, it is important for the bride and groom to keep them in mind before the service starts. Although it is comedy for the best man to forget them, after a heavy stag night, or with the anxiety of the wedding itself, the best man might leave the rings at home, or put them in a different suit pocket. The couple should make sure that their chosen ring carrier has the boxes ready before the groom leaves for the venue, in order to make sure that everything goes according to plan.


image source: www.elizabethannedesigns.com