For as Long as You Both Shall “Love”

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Wedding-Vows-6Being in love is one of the best reasons for a wedding, but sometimes the traditional marriage vows can overwhelm this basic fact with more complicated issues, such as money, health and loyalty. In order to ensure that their marriage vows remember that love is the most important issue, many couples now choose to write their own vows. Some find this a very complicated process, trying to work out on their own exactly what they want to say to their other half. However, by following a few simple rules, couples can write their own vows easily, while still staying true to the idea of placing love first.

The first step to writing your own vows is to look at classic alternatives, such as changing some of the wording. The title of this article, “For as long as you both shall “love” is a classic example of this, changing the more traditional ‘live’ into something much more intimate. While some people feel that this is making the vows seem more transient, as though love were something which is not permanent, the majority of couples who use this change in their vows feel that it adds more to the sentiment, and completes the purpose of making the vows.

The second step is to consider changing the vows in order to both say the same thing. In the traditional marriage service, male and female vows are different, as this reflected the different roles that couples had to play in the past. In a modern relationship, however, these traditional vows are less relevant, and so couples might decide that a uniform set of vows, or one which reflect their own particular roles within the relationship. Changing the vows like this can mean that a couple are able to say more about what they, personally, will bring to the relationship, and this in turn can make the marriage seem much more intimate.

The third step is to look at the giving and receiving of rings. This stage is always the most sentimental part of the ceremony, providing the couple with rings that they will wear for the rest of their lives. By concentrating upon the wording in this area, couples can again make more use of the word ‘love’, and also add a description of how they see their own relationship. Some couples also like to include children, either from this relationship or from previous relationships, at this point in the ceremony, either mentioning them by name, or having them participate in the exchange of rings.

Other parts of the wedding vows which can be changed will include the words spoken by the officiant at the start of the ceremony. These can have an important impact in the entire wedding service, and if the officiant is willing, they may be able to work to a scheme devised by the couple. By changing the words in every part of the ceremony, couples can create a sense of individuality and mutual connection which will really commemorate their special day.

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