For as Long as You Both Shall “Love”

Being in love is one of the best reasons for a wedding, but sometimes the traditional marriage vows can overwhelm this basic fact with more complicated issues, such as money, health and loyalty. In order to ensure that their marriage vows remember that love is the most important issue, many couples now choose to write […]

Sending Thank You Notes For Your Gifts

After the wedding ceremony and the reception, there is still one event which the bride and groom will have to do together before their honeymoon begins, and that is sending ‘thank you’ notes they received. These little notes are a basic courtesy, and a way of ensuring that you stay in touch with your guests. […]

Your Wedding is “YOUR” Wedding!

After the proposal, planning the wedding can be the most stressful time for the bride and groom. It should be a happy time, with the couple preparing to spend the rest of their lives together. However, pressure from family members can make the build-up to the wedding very difficult, and can even cause misery for […]

Wedding Readings

The readings at a wedding can be an important part of the ceremony, helping to emphasise the relationship of the happy couple, and also standing as a symbol of their future together. Choosing the right reading can be difficult, as they need to be very symbolic, as well as relevant to the marriage in question. […]

Oops! Who Has The Wedding Rings?

Any wedding comedy is likely to have that moment where the bride and groom look at each other, and realise that they don’t have any rings. It is usually the best man’s fault, as he is traditionally regarded as the one who looks after the rings at the start of the wedding day, and hands […]